Sausages at the sign of the Little Bell

The flavoursome heart of the crafts courtyard opposite Nuremberg station is the Glocklein, or little bell, which specialises in the BBQ’d Nuremberg sausage. Legend has it that these tiny sausages were designed to be delivered through a medieval keyhole to allow for real hole-in-the-wall eating after the official closing times. Tradition has it that you…

Xocolat – Luxury chocolates in Linz, Austria | Indie Travel Reviews

We couldn’t help ourselves when a friend pointed out the boutique chocolate shop Xocolat in Linz, but I was pleasantly surprised by both the depth and quality of their range, as well as the rich custom-made truffles and sweets. Milka is the chocolate of Austria: it’s purple wrapping and dairy-milk flavour is well-known as a…

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