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We accept the following types of products and experiences for review:

  • Tours, day tours, restaurants, and similar experiences.
  • Travel clothing, luggage, and related gear.
  • Travel-related tech including devices, software/apps, and accessories.
  • Guidebooks, ebooks, and travel narratives.
  • Accommodation – including hotels, apartment rentals, and hostels.

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If your product falls into one of the above categories, please fill in this short form to get in touch. From there, one of our editors will get in touch, and we’ll go from there.


Do you review everything?

No, we only review products that we think will add value to the Indie Travel Podcast Community and the greater travel community.

Who does these reviews?

Some products and experiences are reviewed by the founders of Indie Travel Podcast, Craig and Linda Martin, but often products are reviewed by hand-chosen volunteers around the world. All reviews are edited to a high standard following our house style guide.

Can I pay to have something reviewed?

No, but you can provide gratis copies and pay for postage and/or additional travel costs. To advertise on Indie Travel Podcast, please drop us a line and we can provide a media kit and rates.

What if your reviewer doesn’t like my product?

Well, them’s the breaks! We do not feed or publish trollish or personally hurtful reviews, but we do expect our reviewers to honestly report on what is bad or poor about their experience, as well as the good. We do not allow PR companies to vet reviews before they go live.

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