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The Ultimate Guide to Frequent Flyer Miles

If you’re one of those people who lets your airline miles languish unused in a forgotten account or (heaven forbid) doesn’t bother to sign up with airline programs at all when you fly, Travis Sherry has some words for you. 35,000 words, actually. Sherry has put together a packed guide to collecting and making the […]

The Cubicle Escape Plan

Sarah von Bargen guides you through 15 different opportunities to break away from the normal professional path in The Cubicle Escape Plan.  The e-book catalogues lots of different activities to engage yourself in diverse communities, to catapult a desire to see the world, make some extra money and make a difference.

The Liar’s Guide to South America

The Liar’s Guide to South America by Michael Delwiche takes you on a trip with Andrew Mozart, the aforementioned liar, who jumps on a plane and follows a girl he’s secretly in love with to Rio de Janeiro.  His trip has him stalking Sarah from Brazil to Argentina, onwards to Bolivia and eventually catching up with […]