Leo Express, Czech Republic

Many people had told us that bus was the best form of transport for getting around the Czech Republic, and for many routes the journey is faster and cheaper if you travel by bus than by train. However, when looking into a trip from Olomouc to Prague recently, we found that both price and duration were very similar for both methods of transport, and that one particular train company won (by a narrow margin) on both measures.

Leo Express is a new company offering long-distance express train services in the Czech Republic, and since there were only two or three stops and the train reached speeds of over 150km/h, the journey took only two hours and fifteen minutes, compared to the 2.5 hours that the Czech Railways train, the Student Agency bus, and the RegioJet train took. Fifteen minutes isn’t enough of a time saving to worry about if the ticket was more expensive, but it turned out to be marginally cheaper: 206kc vs 220kc for most of the other options (Czech Railways started at 220kc but also had a lot of more expensive options too).

Inside the train.

Inside the train.

We could have bought our ticket online and chosen our own seats, but we decided to buy on the day from the ticket window. There was a long line, which showed that it was a popular option, but there were still seats available and we had no problems buying our tickets, which were printed on A4 paper.

On the platform, an attendant in a smart uniform checked our tickets and directed us to our seats, which were clean and comfortable with lots of leg room. We were pleased to see that there was free wifi, and noticed that a range of videos were available to watch during the journey.

The attendant came around to offer us food or drink, and pointed out the price list so that we could make our choice. We didn’t buy anything, but the prices seemed reasonable and many other patrons had hot drinks and sandwiches served at their seats.

There was a short delay at one point; we arrived at one of the intermediary stations about ten minutes late, but this time was recuperated in the next leg and we actually arrived in Prague a minute or two early. The attendants stood by the doors to say goodbye, airline-style, and we headed off to explore Prague.

On the whole, our experience with Leo Express was fantastic, on par with or better than similar services in Austria and Germany — and a far cry from the average level of service offered by Czech Railways.

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4 Responses to “Leo Express, Czech Republic”

  1. Mark H August 29, 2016 at 9:55 am #

    I took the round trip to Prague in July’16 from Krakow. Going there was no problem, on the way back however it was a complete disaster, as soon as we got off the train in Bohumin to take a bus to Krakow, we were informed that the bus is late 3 hours !! so instead of 11 pm as scheduled, it would arrive at 2 am ! I have work the next day in Krakow so I had no option but to take a taxi home for 120 euros. I write to Leo Express to complain and I’m informed that they won’t compensate me except for half of the fare of their ticket (as per their regulations), I say ok and I fill the required application. 2 months later and after 3 follow up emails, I get no replies, no feedback, no refunds, nothing ! This is terrible customer service, unethical and no consideration of any inconveniences caused by their unprofessional service. AVOID !

    • Linda Martin August 29, 2016 at 1:24 pm #

      Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. That’s such a pity that you had a bad experience with the company; ours was quite different! I suppose companies change over time, though. I hope your issue gets resolved quickly.

  2. Simon Landry-Girard June 28, 2018 at 11:09 am #

    Leo Express is not reliable and not responsible. We were supposed to travel (2 adults and 2 kids) but the bus was delayed and they didn’t inform us (even the info desk was not informed properly) resulting in the bus leaving without us. So you can’t trust this company. They don’t care about customer satisfaction. I asked for reimbursement because of their mistake and they could not care less. I will stay as far from Leo Express as I can in the future and suggest for others to de the same.

    • Linda Martin June 29, 2018 at 8:46 am #

      Oh no, that’s terrible that you had a bad experience! I hope you were able to get to your destination in the end.

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