Memorium Nuremberg Trials, Nuremberg

For many people, the name “Nuremberg” is inextricably linked with the famous trial of Nazi leaders held there in 1945-46; this means that a visit to the courtroom where the trial was held is an important part of a visit to the city.

Although the courtroom itself is still in use and can’t always be seen, a comprehensive memorial museum has been constructed on the floor above. The entrance price (€5, covered by Nuremberg Card) includes an audioguide — mercifully, one that you can plug your own headphones into. This guide is essential for non-German speakers as the signs are all in German only, with the exception of the information about the 21 men who were trialled there. The guide translates exactly what’s on the signs, which means you don’t miss out on information, but this also means you have to hear everything; you can’t just skim for gist or read a caption to get an idea of what a photo is about.

The displays were well presented, with a mix of photos and multimedia, but I found it difficult to get a good solid idea of what exactly happened at the trials — I think a bit more prior knowledge would have made my experience more meaningful. I learned a lot about various aspects of proceedings, but it all seemed a little disjointed.

I really appreciated the last section of the display, which looked at how the Nuremburg Trial has influenced other war crimes tribunals, and presented information about wars that have taken place around the world since 1945 — unfortunately, it’s a lot more than you might expect.

The displays were detailed and informative.

The displays were detailed and informative.

If you’re interested in the Second World War, a visit to the Memorium Nuremberg Trials is worthwhile; if you’re only mildly interested, visit the Documentation Centre at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds instead. This presents an overview of the whole of the Second World War, with a small section on the Nuremberg Trial; enough to give you an idea of what went on without overwhelming you with information.

The Memorium Nuremberg Trials can be visited with the Nuremberg Card.

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