Colourful Museo della Marineria in Cesenatico, Italy

The Maritime Museum of Cesenatico (Museo della Marineria Cesenatico) sits alongside and partially on the oldest part of the Leonardo Da Vinci-drawn canal harbour that brought the town to life.

Ten boats tell the story of Adriatic navigation and industry, floating outside with colorful sails hoisted when weather permits. During the winter season a floating nativity scene also occupies this closed-off part of the canal.

Inside are three large boats and representations of workshops, rope-makers’ tools, and anchors – mostly original material transported and restored.

Information is well presented with text in Italian and English accompanied by lots of archival photos and illustrations.

At €2 a head, it’s a nice place to spend 30-60 minutes out of the spring rain or summer heat, and gives an interesting picture of life here in the not-so-distant past.

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