Albrecht Dürer’s House, Nuremberg

Albrecht Dürer is Nuremberg’s most famous historical figure, and a visit to the artist’s house is essential if you’re visiting the city. Entrance is conveniently included if you have a Nuremberg Card (€23), or it’s €5 for a casual entry. This includes an audioguide in a choice of languages, narrated by “Agnes Dürer”, Albrecht’s wife.

Although it’s a small museum, it is well curated and the audioguide really adds to the experience — though I felt like the voice actress could have used more emotion in her rendering of the script, and the texts are just a bit too long for each room.

Downstairs, you learn a little about the house itself and how the entrance hall would have been used when the Dürers were living there. An annex at the back has a chronology of Albrecht Dürer’s life and another one about the house, as well as multimedia displays which allow you to learn about some of the artist’s most famous works — he certainly had a penchant for self-portraits! Upstairs you can see copies of some of these works in the annex as well as the bedroom, dining room, parlour, and kitchen of the original house — each with an extensive audio-guide explanation.

Dürer’s studio is on the second floor, and is well decorated with authentic-looking paraphernalia; another room holds his printing press and is decorated with several of the prints the artist produced.

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You probably won’t need more than an hour to visit the museum, but it’s worth a stop if you have the Nuremburg Card, or if you’re interested in how famous painters lived in the 1500s — or in the artist himself!

When you’re here you are close to the Wanderer Café and the castle complex, and two of the underground tours start just around the corner — so it’s in a great location.

Albrecht Dürer’s House can be visited with the Nuremberg Card.

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