Triangel: Amazing food at student prices, right by the Festspieler

Salzburg’s Festival Halls are rightly renowned for their central part in the Salzburg Festival, and other events right throughout the year. Triangel, directly opposite them, should be just as well praised.

This restaurant caters to the stars, the fans, the locals, and then the passersby, with high quality food that doesn’t cost the earth. In fact, it’s the only place in town you can sit down to a full course at €5 a plate – with their daily specials water comes free and unasked-for, and wine and beer by the glass start at a reasonable price as well.

We decided to try the two specials on offer: Linda having meatballs with a side of potato mash, and I had freshly-made cheese pasta with what seemed like half a kilo of parmesan on top… They were both the same price as a large takeaway kebab or hamburger. Both were the envy of many €20 meals we’ve had — so we certainly didn’t feel they were skimping on quality of ingredients or preparation.

Maybe Triangel is looking out for the art students and chorus dancers, maybe they just love food. In any case, it means there’s always something great on offer, and we were told by several people that you’ll often find happy lead singers and producers downing a few well-earned bottles of champagne on a good night.

For location, service, taste, and price, it’s hard to beat.

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