Larga, 26 – on the high street

Calle Larga is the main shopping street in Jerez de la Frontera: fashion, telecoms, opticians, pharmacies, and tobacconists – they’re here.

What seems to be missing is a place to sit with a cold beer while your partner is trying on clothes; or a place for a snack and coffee while you recharge for the next round.

Larga 26 is the only place that really fits into this gap. With three rows of tables stretching out to the middle of the pedestrian street and a smaller, white and close-to-sterile indoor bar area, it’s a great stop.

The whole place feels modern and new, the drinks and tapas are well priced and, while I didn’t see anything that really grabbed my attention as a stand-out treat tonight, are a fair option.

Now, If only Linda would come out of that shop…



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