Hanging with the Gorila – Jerez beer bar

The Gorila cerveceria, or beer bar, is another popular option on Plaza Plateros. They serve a wide variety of cold cuts and cheeses, plus play up the German beer connection with sausages and pickled gherkins.

Most people are here for the beers though. The Gorila has a wide variety by Spanish standards: several German and Belgian beers in bottles or on tap, as well as seasonal speciality beers and a couple of unfiltered beers in the bottle. Wine is also served: a glass of drinkable fino will only set you back a euro, with other prices staying under €2.

They advertise a “beer museum”, which only includes a collection of bottles, placemats, and taps. Nowhere near a museum, and it’s much nicer sitting at the tables on the square than the cramped upstairs drinking area.


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