Damajuana – In the heart of old town

All bars in Jerez are quiet before 10… Many don’t kick off until after 12, but I’m at Damajuana – known for its Flamenco – early on a Tuesday for the weekly English-language meetup.

It’s huge doors open off a narrow cobbled street into an anteroom with three bars off it. A glass of oloroso and another of Pedro Jiminez (both sherrys) comes in at €2, sonprices aren’t pretentious, like some bar: the same quality wine might cost €6-8 in some establishments, but the “local” bars price at €1-2 per glass.


There’s not much happening this evening, but rock is playing over the speakers, and the band has walked in… Though they probably won’t play for another 2-3 hours.

So although it’s a late-night destination for the city, it’s a pleasant spot for a quieter drink during the evening.

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