Cafe Columbia, Ceske Budejovice

We pulled into Café Columbia on a whim… The rain was falling more and more heavily, and the idea of a warm place to sit was quite overpowering.

There’s a small alcove as you enter and then ten or so tables upstairs, giving a small, intimate experience. Our corner table gave us a view to the street and a religious fresco on the house opposite. Inside, it’s creamy (faux?) leather, dark wood, and off-white tables. Plastic daisies sit tackily on the tables.

The food another family are eating looks pretty standard for Bohemia: meat, veges, nothing flash. The menu is well-priced, but we’re only here for a drink.

Service is great, the wine – an unnamed house red – isn’t fantastic, but I’m guessing it’s a Frankova, which isn’t my favourite option anyway. Linda had her’s hot, adding mulling spices and sugar, which is definitely the way to do it.


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