The Cubicle Escape Plan

The reason many of us start to travel, myself included, is to escape the daily monotony of life divided between working to pay the bills and spending the money we earn to make the daily grind worth it.  Sarah von Bargen guides you through 15 different opportunities to break away from the normal professional path in The Cubicle Escape Plan.  The e-book catalogues lots of different activities to engage yourself in diverse communities, to catapult a desire to see the world, make some extra money and make a difference.

Long term travelers have certainly heard of, or tried a few of these adventures, but there were a few that surprised me.  I’d never thought to plant trees in Canada for one, how fun and back-breaking it sounds at the same time, nor how much money you could make doing it. Working as a movie extra also seemed to me something only aspiring actors would take the time to figure out how to engage in.  After reading the account in The Cubicle Escape Plan, however, it seems much more possible than I had previously thought.

Book: The Cubicle Escape Plan
Author: Sarah von Bargen
Price: US$15.00
Download: Available for download in PDF here

Each of the 15 sections is a first person account of their experience woofing, staying at an ashram, house sitting or joining AmeriCorps to name a few.  The Cubicle Escape Plan poses questions to each contributor, and recounts the answers in their own words. Even though seemingly unedited, it provides a good look into daily life while participating in a particular activity.


There is a list of online resources listed at the end of each  section so the reader can follow up with any idea found interesting.  At a dollar an opportunity, this is an e-book for those who like their information neatly packaged and easily accessed combined with personal stories.

In The Cubicle Escape Plan Sarah von Bargen curates an interesting and informative guide that is a good starting place to research your dive into the unknown world away from the office.

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