Trip’n’Hostel, Tirana, Albania

The walk from the bus stop had been a long one, the last road crowded with merchandise spilling into the street from its many shops. We peered at the map on my phone, trying to work out which of the small alleys was the one we wanted.

A local jumped up from the stall he’d been sitting beside as we finally turned into the correct street. “Trip’n’Hostel?” he asked, and when we nodded he accompanied us the three meters that separated us from the door of the hostel, rang the bell, and waited until we’d been ushered inside before waving us farewell and heading back to his stall.

The friendly welcome we’d received even before we arrived continued inside. One of the hostel’s bevy of workers (all travellers themselves, they seem to have got stuck in Tirana) checked us in before one of the two owners showed us personally to our room just behind reception.

Set in an old house, Trip’n’Hostel has been thoughtfully redesigned and decorated. Dorms are upstairs on the first floor; travellers can choose between the six-bed, an eight-bed, a ten-bed, or a 12-bed room. Although many travellers go for the rooms with fewer beds, the 12-bed room was our guide’s pick. “This is my favourite room,” he said. “It has more beds but everyone has a lot more space.” Plus, this room is the only one to feature a balcony, a great added bonus.

Also upstairs are three tiny bathrooms, each with a toilet and shower. Downstairs there’s another bathroom, and one more toilet is accessible from the garden.

Garden for chilling out in.

Garden for chilling out in.

A large lounge decorated in a vintage style flows into a small bar area, which in turn opens into a patio and garden. There are plenty of tables and chairs for chilling, chatting, and eating the free breakfast the hostel provides, and at night the garden is prettily lit with candles. We found the downstairs kitchen a little dirty and under equipped, but with the markets and cheap restaurants nearby we didn’t really need to use it.

Our double room was the only private room available at the hostel; it was well furnished (with bedside tables even!) and comfortable, though a little loud on Saturday night — to be expected at a party hostel!

Double room.

Double room.

With its great location, chilled out atmosphere and generally good music, Trip’n’Hostel is a good choice for travellers looking to socialise while in Tirana.

In October 2013, dorm beds cost €9-10, the private room cost €30 per night. Book your bed at Trip’n’Hostel.

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