Blues BB, Rome, Italy

It was the last stop of a long and eventful trip, and we wanted somewhere comfortable and relaxed to sleep during our three days in Rome. Location was important, since we didn’t want to waste the short time we had in the city in getting to and away from our accommodation, and the quieter the better — we needed to sleep.

We found everything we needed at Blues BB. This charming four-room guesthouse is located on the second floor of an apartment block 15 minutes from the Colosseum, and (more importantly for us) a ten-minute walk from Termini Station, where a bus from the airport deposited us after our delayed flight from Greece.

We were welcomed by the owner, Sabino, who showed us to our room at the end of the corridor before taking us back to the small reception area to check us in. All four of the rooms open off this central corridor, which is equipped with two tables, chairs, and a sideboard for breakfast. Italian breakfasts tend to be basic: just coffee accompanied by packaged crackers or biscuits; Blues BB had both of these as well as fresh fruit, juice, and a variety of jams and spreads, so it was a cut above the norm.

Our room was large, comfortable and quiet — everything we’d hoped for! We made use of the mini fridge for cooling drinks we’d picked up at a nearby supermarket, and the shutters kept the room dark at night while letting in a little light to wake us up in the morning. The ensuite bathroom was well equipped (we didn’t use the bidet, though) and the towels provided were among the largest I’ve seen at any hotel I’ve stayed at.



Since it’s a small guesthouse, there weren’t a lot of other guests, but those we saw were friendly and respectful. Sabino was a great host, always around when we needed him and ready with a smile when we entered or left the guesthouse; his wife and two children, when we saw them, were also friendly (and his daughter was incredibly cute).

Wifi was available but didn’t reach our room (“it’s our Roman walls, they are very thick,” explained Sabino), and being Italy the connection was sometimes quite slow. However, it was enough for us to get online.

If you’re looking for a quiet, friendly place to stay in Rome, Blues BB is a great option.

In November 2013, a double room cost €44 per night. Book your stay at Blues BB.

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